Welcome to Etherization

The first Play to Earn Blockchain game, created in 2016. Grow your towns, increase your ERC20 production, via tribute, culture and risk-based mechanics.

Layer 2 Game lauch

The layer 2 is live on Polygon mainnet. All smart contracts are verified on etherscan and polygonscan. ERC20 pool at Uniswap. Contracts: 2016 contract, ERC721, ethProxy, polyProxy, gameState, ERC20, logic1, logic2. The game is 100% decentralized, with frontend being also permanently stored on Arweave and decentralized domains on ENS and Unstoppable domains. All source code is also permanently stored on Arweave.

Historical NFTs

NFT contract from 2016! There are different types of towns with different rarities, when you mint a town it’s assigned randomly.

Balls Deep

Some men buy girls roses, others put rings on their fingers, but the king of this city has built it to keep his maiden safe.


The whole city is underwater. The original inhabitants lost a terrible war, so they hid their city in the sea and never returned.


A big topaz mine is located here, so the locals take pride in their topaz jewelry.


Sultan Al-kaddar had a dream that he must move the capital here. It turns out it wasn't a great time since there's no water here.


It features a lot of destitute, rundown buildings and is known as one of cities most affected with Dilebon plague.


There are no garages here, the city is so empty and vast, you can park anywhere.

Game Mechanics

Find out more about how the game is played and what are its key features


Make towns your vassals and raid their treasury

Collect tribute

Donkeys carrying pots of gold? Get ready to earn that sweet tribute from your vassal towns.


Every city has its low point, but nothing is forever. Rebel and take your freedom back!


A city will be able to increase its income by holding extremely rare artefacts. Hail the Holy Artefact!


Choose the government form that suits your ruling style


Lower entry point, stake inside towns, earn and participate in artefact auctions.